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    About London Clinic Mykonos

    London Clinic Mykonos was founded and is operated by Dr Konstantinos Vranakis, a medical practitioner with over 40 years experience in primary and secondary care.


    Until recently, he was the owner of one of the largest Medical Practices in the UK with over 7,500 patients.

    About Dr Konstantinos Vranakis

    Dr Konstantinos Vranakis is a qualified medical physician with over 40 years experience and expertise in Internal and Geriatric medicine.


    As an internal medicine practitioner, he applies scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness. He has experience and expertise in the diagnosis of diverse medical problems, in the ongoing care of chronic illnesses, and in caring for patients with more than one disease. He also specialises in health promotion and disease prevention.


    He has particular expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of the following:


    He is also a certified medical practitioner in Geriatric Medicine having been trained in this area at St George's University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (England).

    Biographical Resume

    1. 1971 - 1977: School of Medicine, National University of Athens
    2. 1977 - 1979: Military Doctor (Athens, Attica)
    3. 1980 - 1987: Country Practice (Thermo, Aitoloarkarnania) 
    4. 1987 - 1990: Specialisation in Internal Medicine, Tzaneio General Hospital (Piraeus, Athens)
    5. 1990 - 1997: Internal Medicine Physician (Epimelitis A),  (Mykonos Health Centre). Between 1995 - 1997, Dr Vranakis was the first doctor to introduce thrombolysis and ultrasound exams at the Mykonos Health Centre.
    6. 1993 - 1994: Geriatric Medicine, St George's University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
    7. 1998 - 2019: General Practitioner, NHS GP Practice with over 7,500 patients (Owner) (London, United Kingdom)
    8. 1998 - 2019: London Private & Out of Hours Clinic (24 Hours Medical)
    9. 2020 - Present: London Clinic Mykonos