• Healthcare Services

  • By phone, home visits or hotel visits

    Diagnosis & Treatment

    We undertake a process of determining which disease or condition explains a patient's symptoms and signs. based on the patient's medical history and physical examination. We are then able to provide the appropriate treatment for patients.

    Diagnostic Tests

    We can arrange for a wide variety of diagnostic tests such as blood testing, X-rays, ultrasound and other scans and provide you the results. We are also able to provide COVID-19 testing

    Ongoing disease management

    We can help patients with chronic diseases and health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and help them to understand their condition and live successfully with it.

    Prescriptions & Medical Certificates

    Depending on the nature of the patient's condition, we can dispense prescriptions and provide medical or health certificates.

    Emergency Air Transfers

    In the case of emergencies, we can arrange for private air transfer of critical care cases to to a major private or state hospital in Syros, Athens or to patient’s destination. Air transfers are provided by Magna Aviation, Inter Ambulance Services, Greek Flying Doctors or Athens Assistance. Critical care patients will be accompanied by a doctor. 

    Treatment Referrals (Greece & UK)

    For patients considering getting medical treatment in the UK, we can make referrals to some of the Greek and UK leading consultants and hospitals for various medical conditions using our exclusive network and knowledge of the Greek and UK medical services.